Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Palin endorses Trump - what I heard

I managed to hear a small section of Sarah Palin's speech endorsing Donald Trump.

"We are all true Americans and we are all here to tell Donald that it isn't all about him or me but the great people of which we all love and respect for those we cannot and will not forget and the immigrants from Mexico and Obama in Kenya who came over here with their singing and their children who won't respect our walls and Hillary's medicare costs for those of us who just cannot and will not forget the Benghazi which keeps Donald and me from sleeping when we dream of our great nation which is feared by those who fear us everywhere even Putin won't stand for our weakness and Nato and next time he crosses borders of Uganda we'll show him that we aren't Obama and we will never be Obama and the price of peace is more than Hollywood liberals and New Yorkers like Tom Cruz and as Ronald Reagan said "Let us never forget Princess David the Iron Lady" and that's why ISIS can't get to the heart of the respect we have for our children and our families and our Lord Jesus who blesses us all."

I think that makes her position clear.