Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Creation is logically wrong

The idea of a creator, even some intelligent alien culture, starting things off is so bad that we don't even need to involve evolution to provide an alternative.  The idea is wrong even on its own terms.

The reason is that a creator is said to be necessary because of the complexity of the world in general, and us in particular.  We have complex bodies, we have brains and we have minds.  There is no doubt that a mind needs to be complex because minds can hold memories, have thoughts, be changed.  Those are not possible attributes of anything simple - the endless possible states of mind rule out mind's simplicity.

So, there is a question about how such amazing complexity can arise by itself.  That's a reasonable question.  What's not a reasonable answer is the suggestion that amazing complexity has to originate from the from the actions of another mind.  The key word here is 'originate'.  It's just feasible that our universe was made by aliens, but then we are left with the question of the origin of those aliens. The concept of a creator is of a being who was at the very start of things, not just the designer of our universe.

So, saying a mind is needed to originate minds doesn't solve anything.  We end up back where we started in terms of questions.  As explained above, trying to say that the original mind was simple is logically incorrect because minds are necessarily complex because of what we insist minds must be capable of doing.  Trying to say that a creator mind is beyond the bounds of nature doesn't help because complexity doesn't have to have material form: it's about possible states, not type of substance.

The idea of a creator to solve the problem of complexity is logically incorrect.  It doesn't even need to be refuted by science.  We don't need to introduce evolution as some alternative explanation, because Creation isn't even an explanation.

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tex pontin said...

Your logic relies on time being linear. That may be just a perception and not a fundamental property of the universe.