Friday, 4 October 2013

Why there is no soul part 3 - conclusion

I have explained how all stories about what happens in the brain and mind at different levels can be true - reductionism doesn't make the higher-level stories involving thoughts and feelings any less true.  I have shown why what goes on in the high-level stories has to be also present in the 'reductionist' levels as well, because all the stories have to proceed in lock-step: a memory is recalled, many neurons fire and change, and trillions and trillions of particles shift and change, all at once, all locked together into the story.

What this means is that thoughts about the mind are about many levels of mind and brain at once.  When there is a thought about the richness of a colour, this happens in the mind, in the neurons and in the particles.  So, the story of your thoughts is completely present In the level of physics, and all the reality is also completely present in the level of physics.  The story is both about thoughts and about physics at the same time, and if both stories are to be true, if the thoughts about mind are to be correct, then the physical story has to be right about itself.    A physical story that says that there is more than physics involved in the mind contradicts what we know about the low-level physics of the particles that make up the brain.

Therefore, the belief that the mind contains more than physics, that there is a soul, cannot be true.

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