Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Creationist answers aren't answers.

Something I have noticed about creationist-type arguments that really does fascinate me is the way that they confuse 'who did it' with 'what happened'. For example, they will respond to the question of how the first life appeared with 'God made it', but that isn't an answer to the question. Even for a believer there should be interest in what actually happened that constructed the first life forms, and for many believers there is that interest. What interests me is that it took me some time to realise the confusion about answers - it's subtle, and might only be noticed once it's been pointed out. Also, I have never seen this point raised in discussions. 

The Bible or Koran aren't science books - they only name the actors in the religious drama. What even believers can accept (and very many do) is that we also need the detective drama of science, where the investigators find out how how things were actually done, because 'by magic' is just so dull!

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