Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Praising Panti - rejecting all LGBT bigotry.

How did I not know about the wonderful Panti Bliss? His/her attack against prejudice that has got so many in Ireland worked up is something I fully agree with, and has made me realise I am being too tolerant. 

Rejection of same sex marriage is, of course, not on the same scale as violence and imprisonment of LGBT people, but it's still both wrong and harmful - it's still homophobia.

If a preacher refused to marry a mixed-race couple there would be no hesitation in calling that preacher racist, and not just some tradition-respecting eccentric.

Religious rejection of same-sex marriage is homophobic, and it does tremendous harm because it institutionalises prejudice. Imagine being queer and raised in even a mildly religious family belonging to a faith that says that your future loves are fundamentally unequal, and can never be celebrated in the same way as the loves of others. This is a form of bullying in the supposed name of morality.

I have religious friends who aren't comfortable with religious same-sex weddings. I ask those friends how they can maintain that position considering the message of moral inferiority they are sending to youngsters - telling those youngsters that their community rejects them, that they were born morally flawed.

To those friends: I know you are better than that. Please help support equality for all.

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