Sunday, 28 February 2016

Doctor Who is at its finest, really!

Moffat has returned things to Doctor Who that has not been around for decades - horror, pace, creepiness, and serious drama.  Russell T Davies' style of Doctor Who can be summed up the 9th Doctor's shout of 'Run!'  It was fast-paced, almost cartoonish, and exciting. It was also filled with absurdity and self-indulgence, which reached it's peak at the end of series 4 with Stolen Earth/Journey's End. 

Moffat has been far stronger on plot, and allowing characters to develop, and with Capaldi in the lead we have seen the finest acting and drama that there has ever been on 'Who', as in the magnificent and innovative 'Heaven Sent', and the Zygon two-parter in series 9. There has also been real horror as in Flatline, with the strangest and creepiest monsters the Doctor has ever faced. 

The Master/Mistress has had a far better treatment under Moffat than Davies.  At the start of series 9 we saw the return of the Master we knew and loved in the 70s  as the Mistress showed that she could be charming and even friendly, while being utterly mischievous and untrustworthy.  

Doctor who always changes. That's the point. Moffat has allowed change to continued to make the character the most interesting one in sci-fi, and with Capaldi in the lead we have seen a new Doctor who brinds together old and new series, with touches of Hartnell and Bakers (Tom and Colin) showing us that the Doctor doesn't have to be a young action hero to save the world- as Rassilon said: "words are his weapons", and Moffat is a damn fine writer.

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