Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A rant about right-wing politicians and gay marriage

I may sound horribly intolerant, but I have no more patience for right-wing politicians' moans about same sex marriage. When will they be honest and realise that they have no arguments at all? They keep saying about how their constituents won't like it but they never, ever come up with any justification for the dislike. 

I'm also fed up with people using arguments that, if they had put any effort into listening to any of the discussions on the subject of same sex marriage, they would realise have absolutely no validity. You can't say "the Bible is against it" when you know that the Bible also condemns eating seafood.

I get so annoyed when people who obviously think they are being clever use arguments that even the slightest research shows are worthless. It indicates that, hypocritically, they just can't be arsed to put any effort into actually thinking about a matter that they insist is important.  

There really is no debate left worth considering.  

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