Monday, 6 May 2013

Watch out USA - here comes Melanie Phillips!

I see Melanie Phillips is trying to get influence in the USA:
There is a simple objective test for reasonableness in a commentator like her - do they believe in global warming? It's a test of whether or not you have an astonishing belief in your own ignorant authority or whether you go to experts in a field to get your facts. It's quite a simple test really - it's effectively your brain vs. thousands of thermometers.  

This kind of rejection of expertise is always selective.  I expect Phillips has no problem with the belief that a car mechanic is the best person to fix her car.  I can't imagine her driving along with smoke coming out of her car and insisting that automotive smoke production was a conspiracy of garages to increase their income.  This rejection of expertise is culturally relative - expertise of car mechanics is approved, while expertise of scientists is not.

Phillips denies global warming, and so she is objectively arrogant and unreasonable and supportive of cultural relativism. To deny this about her would be... political correctness gone mad!

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